The inspiration for the name “Tell the Bees” comes from an exhibit in a small, quirky museum in Los Angeles, the Museum of Jurassic Technology.  A magical realist’s dream come true, the museum hosts an eccentric mix of exhibits.  The “Tell the Bees” exhibit explores superstitions relating to communication with bees in Old English culture.  

Beekeepers would tell their bees about important life events in their households: they would tell the bees about births, marriages, departures and returns.

When I’m invited by friends and families to share moments together and make memories, they are trusting me to see them, to help them tell their story — What a gift! As a photographer, I am constantly observing and anticipating action: a glance, a gaze, a gesture.  I chase electric connections and timeless moments.  My greatest hope is that when we work together, families and friends will be able to step back and see themselves in the bigger picture: I hope that my photographs capture a timelessness, an authenticity, a trust, and that they inspire community.

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